Find your Moxie.

Let's be real. Healthcare can be an absolute roller coaster ride. In the course of a few minutes you can absolutely love your job, then wonder if you're cut out for it, then realize that the craziness is something you can't live without. Your job can drain you, but somehow revive you and give you purpose all at the same time. I have been on this ride for 17 years, through late nights on call, patients that touch your heart, and days where I wondered if I would be able to crawl out of bed the next morning.

This is what inspired me to create Manic Moxie. People frequently ask me how the name was conceived. Moxie is courage and determination! This is how we get through each day. Manic refers to the fact that circumstances are rarely perfect. Your day may be a bit frenzied and a little bit wild, but it's courage all the same.

My goal is to bring you designs and fabrics that are as unique as you are. Sometimes putting on something bright and new helps to set the day in the right direction! I want you to put on your cap and wear it as a symbol of your imperfect courage. Here's to making the most of your moxie!

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